Reflexology Certification Training Online

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Focus On Healing Wellness Institute opened its doors in 1985 as as a healthcare information provider service for alternative/complementary practitioners, services and programs.

In 1992 we taught our first Reflexology Certification training program. Since that time our training program grew from teaching anyone who wanted to learn Reflexology to teaching certification classes in beauty schools, massage therapy schools, community colleges and continuing education for traditional and non-traditional healthcare practitioners.

From our humble beginnings of being a pioneer in introducing Reflexology to the community our services have evolved to include:

  • FOH H.E.L.P. Youth Corps Training Program: Healthcare Entrepreneurs as Leaders in Prevention We train youth ages 8-16 to become the next generation of Healers, Teachers, and Leaders in Reflexology. We offer inter-generational workshops and services for seniors and youth
  • FOH Reflexology Training Program: We offer basic Reflexology training to non-healthcare professionals and therapeutic Reflexology training to health care professionals as a “hands-on” therapy for medication-free pain relief.
  • FOH Wellness Workshops: We offer health and wellness workshops on integrating cultural health care approaches with conventional medicine for healthy life style changes.
  • FOH Employee Wellness Programs: We offer customized workplace health and wellness programs, workshops, seminars on health care approaches for healthy life style changes.
  • FOH Health and Wellness Travel Exchange: We sponsor group travels to Third World countries to study, research, share and exchange information on the integration of natural and traditional healthcare approaches with conventional medicine. In conclusion.

Focus On Healing is in the business of working with individuals, organizations and small businesses interested in making healthy life style changes that support “passing on generational health and wealth instead of generational illness and poverty”