Dr. Olatunde

Njideka Olatunde, ND, MSW, CRI, PhD, the visionary and creative energy behind Focus On Healing Wellness Institute is an accomplished Naturopath with expertise in the cultural integration of non-traditional health care approaches with conventional medicine for mind, body and emotional wellness. Dr. Olatunde is the creator of, The Feminate Factor Educational System™ a program for women on how to live a better quality of life, Marketing Your Way To Success™ a marketing program for health and beauty care professionals, The Egyptian Reflexology Method™ training program for non- healthcare practitioners and The Touchpoint Therapy Method™ Reflexology certification training program for healthcare practitioners; Work and Life Balance Wellness Program™ for work site employee wellness programs, H.E.L.P. Youth Training Program™ a program for youth ages 8-17 focusing on youth violence. She is an acclaimed author, Master Reflexologist, Pain Relief educator, media personality, mentor, and consultant who has helped thousands of women and men make healthy stress-free life style changes in their personal and professional lives. For over 30 years she has been a Holistic Healthcare Ambassador on a mission to empower and bring credibility to holistic healthcare practitioners and the profession, in addition to being an addiction and medication-free pain relief advocate in addressing the opioid epidemic plaguing our communities.

With an education background that establishes her as a Reflexology Master, because of her training nationally and internationally from the Institute for Integrated Therapies in Washington, D.C.; advanced and instructor training in California at Digits International Reflexology Institute; International Academy for Reflexology Studies in Cincinnati, Ohio; Traditional Chinese Medicine and Reflexology, Xuan Hospital-Capital University of Medical Sciences, Beijing, China; and the Traditional Healing Arts Society of West Africa in Nigeria. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Long Island University; a master’s from Southwestern State University and a Naturopath and doctorate degree in Natural and Traditional Health from Clayton College of Natural Health and is a certified Naturopath Health Practitioner.

Njideka’s life dedication as a health care activist promoting the cultural integration of complementary health care approaches with conventional medicine serving as a founding board member on the American Reflexology Association Board, establishing a private practice, developing several certification programs and organizing the first Washington, DC Reflexology Association, writing and publishing an award winning book Reflexology Today A Family Affair, awarded her the honor of being the first African American to represent America and nontraditional healthcare approaches at the Adult Wellness Conference in the People’s Republic of China and the International Congress on Natural/Traditional Bio-Energetic Medicine in Holguin, Cuba and the Bio Natural Health and Wellness Conference in Havana, Cuba.

In addition to her healthcare practice, in August 2000, she founded the Financial Empowerment Services Network, financial education training and support services network that supports the goal of Health Is Wealth and Wealth Is Health it is your birthright to have both”. The program was a collaborate effort with a group of health care practitioners and financial business professionals who came together to support the vision of helping people know more about money, make healthy lifestyle changes and erase poverty consciousness mentality.

In 2005 as an extension of the Healthy Beginnings program, gave birth to the Feminate Factor Be Empowered Support Network for women suffering with the emotional syndrome Low Self Esteem and Lack of Self Worth. This lead to creating Be Empowered, LLC in 2007, a self-development training and support network for Feminate Factor programs and services. In 2011 she published the book The Courage to Be Yourself: How to Be a Powerful, Confident, Successful Woman.